An expensive update!!!

//An expensive update!!!

It never rains but it pours!! We are having the place painted, Swiss Coffee and white trim. It’s beginning to look really fresh. Our friend Michael is the painter and has (bravely) taken on the job single handed.
We are also having the guttering replaced which became apparent after the rain of January! That’s also being done single handed, by our friend Dennis, not Dennis and AJ Dennis, the other Dennis!
The fridge in #9 had to be replaced at the beginning of February. Those of you who have stayed here might know #9 is upstairs at the front. Poor guys from Lowe’s struggling up and down with full size fridges. They got a good tip (change jobs!).
Then the washing machine went kaput so down to Lowe’s to order a new one. We are now the proud owners of a brand spanking new Maytag.
Things happen in 3’s, right? We had to replace a water heater. The one that serves room 7, 8, 9 & 10 and the laundry room!!
I’m SO happy we are billionaires!!!
Oh, I nearly forgot, we have had a greenhouse built for ourselves!!! Somewhere to hide. Stuart, Dennis and Vince did a great job as you can see.

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