Summer’s here!!

//Summer’s here!!

We’ve been hitting temperatures in the 100’s since early May. This week, on Thursday, has been forecast to be 122f (54c). I have said before, our thermometer only goes up to 120 so what happens after that? The misters are working overtime and the pool is cool (so far).

What else … oh yes, we had a video crew in from Treasure Island for the weekend a couple of weeks ago. They rented 2 rooms for 3 nights. What a lovely group of porn stars! Don’t know what the movie will be called yet but it might take a year.

Oh, and someone set fire to their bed! Severe damage to the mattress and sheets. Crystal Meth believe it or not. He could have burnt the place down. Luckily not. Obviously the mattress had to be replaced. Oh, and he laid the blame on us! Said we didn’t have any no-smoking signs in the room so how did he know not to smoke? He also blamed a faulty lighter that somehow managed to ignite itself. Go figure. He won’t be back.

Michael finished painting and the place look fabulous.

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