What a month!!

//What a month!!

March has been incredibly busy and usually is for that month. Some wonderful people stayed with us, not least our friend Jim from Minneapolis and is, perhaps, our number one as far as length of stay and number of years. We love you, Jim.
We’ve had visitors in from Vancouver; Stockholm, Sweden; San Diego; Dallas, TX; San Francisco; Edgerton, WI; Long Beach; San Antonio, TX; I could go on and on but that would be boring!! Oh! New York, NY; Las Vegas, NV. OK I’ll stop now.

Jim and I took a trip out to the Whitewater National Preserve. Mid week, late morning and the place was PACKED! If you havn’t been, then you should. It is part of the Pacific Trail and it is possible to hike from the Mexican border to the Canadian border without leaving either a Preserve or National Park! Not for the faint of heart.

Neither is seeing signs warning of rattlesnakes and what to do! Jim and I both jumped a foot into the air when we glimpsed a lizard!!!

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